Glasgow Foundation Apprenticeships 

What are Foundation Apprenticeships?

Foundation Apprenticeships (FAs) are a work-based learning opportunity for Senior-Phase secondary school pupils.  Bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace, Foundation Apprenticeships combine academic qualifications with hands-on practical learning and include a work placement with a local employer. 

With a Foundation Apprenticeship you can:

Who can study FA's?

Foundation Apprenticeships are for students entering 5th year and 6th year. You must have the ability to study at SCQF level 6 (Higher equivalent) in a vocational setting, and meet the entry requirements of the course. Attainment is measured by ongoing assessment in college and in the workplace.

How long does a FA take to study?

Foundation Apprenticeships can take 2 years to complete, specifically across 5th and 6th year.   However, some programmes are offered on a 1 year basis for students in their 6th year.   

How does a FA fit in with other school subjects?

A Foundation Apprenticeship is chosen as one of your subjects when making your course choices.  You will spend Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at College for the first year then one full day at College or on placement in the second year.  Students on the 1-year courses will attend the Foundation Apprenticeship all day on both the Tuesday and Thursday.                                                                               This may vary depending on which course you choose but this will be outlined when you apply.

What qualification will I gain?

On successful completion of the course, you will achieve a Joint Qualification Certificate for the Foundation Apprenticeship in your chosen subject. This is a group Award at SCQF level 6 (the same level as a Higher) which comprises a National Progression Award (NPA) or National Certificate (NC) and a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ). 

Progression Routes

The knowledge, skills and work experience gained during a Foundation Apprenticeship broadens options for students, enabling you to go on to complete a Modern Apprenticeship, attend College or University or move into work.

A MODERN APPRENTICESHIP (MA): In the same subject: You could complete your MA quicker because you’ll have completed some elements of the MA qualification during your Foundation Apprenticeship. In another subject: You’ll already have experience of learning in the work place. This will help you to stand out to employers who are recruiting Modern Apprentices.

COLLEGE: On successful completion of your Foundation Apprenticeship, you can progress onto a number of HNC/D courses at each of Glasgow’s three colleges. You may be required to have additional school qualifications upon entry.

UNIVERSITY: All Scottish Universities and colleges recognise the FA within eligibility criteria, for respective undergraduate and HNC/D provisions. Your FA means you already have quality experience within industry – this helps your UCAS application stand out.

STRAIGHT TO WORK: A Foundation Apprenticeship gives you skills employers want, such as timekeeping, problem solving, communication and teamwork. On completion of your FA you’ll have connections with employers, work experience and industry recognised qualifications. This will look great on your CV.

GRADUATE APPRENTICESHIPS: Graduate Apprenticeships are a new way to study up to Master’s Degree level while in a job. The majority of learning happens in your employers workplace, and this is enhanced by time spent at university or college during the work week. A Foundation Apprenticeship is a good way to see if this style of learning works for you. It also offers a pathway onto a Graduate Apprenticeship.