Frequently Asked Questions

What SCQF level are Foundation Apprenticeships?

A Foundation Apprenticeship is SCQF Level 6 (the same level of learning as a SQA Higher).

How do I get to and from the college? 

We encourage you to use public transport where ever possible. Transport can be paid for and organised by your local authority. You may get the bus, train or in exceptional circumstances a taxi.

Do colleges and universities accept Foundation Apprenticeships?

Yes! Foundation Apprenticeships are recognised by all universities and colleges across Scotland.

Does a Foundation Apprenticeship cost me anything?

Nope! With a Foundation Apprenticeship, all of your costs are covered. This includes costs associated with travelling to and from your Foundation Apprenticeship and equipment.

Is there an exam at the end of it?

No, there is no final exam at the end of the course. You are assessed on a unit by unit basis and will achieve the qualification by obtaining a pass in each unit assessment. You will complete a portfolio of work during your placement and you will have a workplace mentor to guide you. The portfolio will be marked by a workplace assessor provided by the college.